Надыбал одну интересную утиль для пинга конкретного порта.
Забирать тут

Пользовать так
-t: ping continuously until stopped via control-c
-n 5: for instance, send 5 pings
-i 5: for instance, ping every 5 seconds
-w 100: for instance, wait 100 milliseconds for a response
-d: include date and time on each line
-b 1: enable beeps (1 for on-down, 2 for on-up,
3 for on-change, 4 for always)
-r 5: for instance, relookup the hostname every 5 pings
-s: automatically exit on a successful ping
-v: print version and exit
-d: include date and time on each line

HTTP Options:
-h: HTTP mode (use url without http:// for server-address)
-u: include target URL on each line
-p: use POST rather than GET (to avoid caching)

Debug Options:
-o: use alternate timing function (less precise)
-f: force tcping to send at least one byte

If you don't pass server-port, it defaults to 80.
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